Frequently asked questions

I've inserted batteries, but the camera won’turn on?

-Ensure you use rechargeable or alkaline batteries (No zinc-carbon batteries). -Check the right batteries are inserted to the correct polarity. -Ensure you are pressing the shutter button, 2 LEDs flash blue once and emit a shutter sound (not error sound).

How can I tell if there is a memory card error and how do I fix it?

-The left LED will flash blue repeatedly and emit an error sound after you press the shutter button. -Ensure you use a standard SD memory card (up to 32 GB). -The SD card is not inserted correctly, remove the SD and re- insert. -Format the SD card before you use it on camera, please use FAT32/32byte to process the format. -Try another SD card that’ under 32GB, ensure you unlock the SD card and format it before use. - When using a WiFi SD card, please connect to a USB power source to read the WiFi SD card wirelessly.

◆ Caution

- Keep the lens clean - Avoid low lighting for better picture quality - Hold steady while talking night photos - If you keep using camera in Low battery, the pictures in SD card might be fail - Shaking creates blurry images - Do not subject to excessive vibration force or pressure - Do not expose to any form of water - Do not expose to fire or extreme heat - Do not attempt to disassemble or tamper with the circuit board or lens - Choking hazard, contains samll parts, not safe for children under 3 yrs

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